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Copes are available in modern or traditional styles, and often reflect the individual's style and personality.  An optional matching stole is available.

White Cope

Made from a stable quality mechanical stretch, this cope drapes well and is crease-resistant.  This unlined Cope is made for the Australian climate.  All inside seam edges are neatly bound in white satin bias binding (called a Hong Kong finish).

The front is decorated in a gold and white ribbon/orphrey with a wheat and flower design.

The hood is trimmed with a flanged gold cord and finished with a gold tassel at the back.  A gold single cross and wheat sheaves is embroidered on the hood.

The Cope is held with a small triangular clasp.

Grey Silk Cope
Raw silk has a special quality when made into a cope.  This raw or Dupion silk is in the colour Platinum.

The priest's ideas were translated into the embroideries, to depict the southern cross stars on the front right side, offset with the sun and the moon on the left.

With a Celtic theme coming through, the magnificent Tree of Life embroidery on the back really stands out.

This Cope is lined in a breathable charcoal fabric.  At the neck a gold/black triangular clasp holds the cope in place.